Thursday, May 9, 2013


Let’s start with a quote from a veteran real estate analyst of Southern California, G.U. Krueger, “If home prices and jobs are an indication, prosperity may be re-emerging in California”. In fact, according to analysts with Clear Capital, home prices in February this year grew by double digit rates from a year ago in nearly every metropolitan area deemed important for statistical reasons. Probably some of the best news was that inland areas, hard hit by the foreclosure and short sale wave, also showed serious growth and promise. This is significant because jobs in these regions are more about growth stability, workers and manufacturing as opposed to high tech and Internet or stock market; job divisions sometimes seen as leading vocations along the coast.

UCLA also posted predictions that Orange County would see strong gains and continuing job growth. Their current prediction is that OC should return to pre recession job levels around 2016. Unemployment is expected to drop to 6.8% this year compared with 7.6% a year ago and level off at 4.6%. In 2016.

No doubt everyone has read about or personally experienced the tight inventory, yes a serious lack of homes for sale. Not only is the desire to buy right now so high because of the low prices, signaling the bottom of the market that we hit last year; but also, more importantly, is the historically low interest rates. These rates are allowing the buying public to get up to as much as 30% more house for their money with no fear of a bubble. WHY?...Because these are real loans for people who have been strenuously qualified. If you have gotten a home loan recently, you know that this is true. That is real qualification and the loans being fixed versus ridiculous stated loans and interest only 3 year adjustables, which have gone by the wayside, thankfully. Now is the time to try and find and buy your dream home.


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