Sunday, December 1, 2013


Here is the real scoop on what's happening in the real estate market.  First of all, don't just stand there...BUY!!  The whole reason the median price of a single-family property increased so rapidly the past 60 days, (more on prices in the next paragraph), is because interest rates jumped more than a full percentage point.  Between that increase and sellers demanding greater increases than the market could bear, sales slacked off in the price ranges most susceptible to interest rate increases, namely $250,000 to $750,000.  Without the volume of those sales to temper the million plus purchases, the median price shot up.  Many families were forced to the sidelines with the interest bump.  Now, they can return, because in case you didn't hear... rates are back down, low...really low.  Also, during the past 60 days, more property has hit the market, inventory levels are much healthier, creating more competition for sellers.  This will naturally keep prices in check to a normal appreciating market.  Don't miss out on the great rates again.  Go out and find your dream home!  The Federal Reserve has made it clear in recent articles and blogs that the U.S. economy still needs support from its low interest-rate policies, because it is growing only moderately.  After its policy meeting, the Fed also announced that it will continue buying bonds to the tune of 85 billion a month to keep those rates low and encourage borrowing and spending.  The question is:  does that mean through first quarter next year?  Or possibly second quarter?  If buying a family home, to raise your family, spend your quality time, now may be your time.


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