Sunday, December 1, 2013


According to all sources, including,  the LA Times, the OC Register and DataQuick, the So Cal area's home price gains for August and September are the highest since '05.  Before we get too excited, let's remember what we discussed in the last section of this newsletter.  The sheer number of deals in the upper price range and cash transactions in the multi-million dollar range had a lot to do with the increase.  Lack of inventory also drove up prices.  Expect them to soften somewhat because of the increased inventory we wrote about.  The number of sales in Orange County for September (the last complete month available) is 2,916.  That number was up 8.9% from the previous month year over year.  The median price for all properties was $550,000 up 22.2%.  However, the median price for a single-family was $612,000 and that is a 20% increase from the same month of 2012.  The median price for a condo was $380,000 and that was up 24.6%.  The volume for the number of sales for single-family was flat with 1,807 sales, but condos rose 16% in volume to 836.  The median price was highest for new homes at $696,000 but the sales were a paltry 273.


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